Founded in 2012, Eat & Glow began with a mission to bring a simple, seasonal & healthy food for everyone. We serve you the food we eat at home every day. We bake by hand with natural ingredient from farmers we trust.  We believe in the power of community in helping those around us and living as sustainable as possible.

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There’s few things that makes our bread so special. Or baking is based on our decades old starters, great source of flour and long fermentation technique. We have a great relationship with the farmers and with the community. 

Our bread is rich with all the germ and fibers that normally cannot find in the commercial whole wheat flour. We are able to use fresh flour straight from the farm. We are happy to provide our customers with bread that has more nutrition, more fiber, more flavor than any commercial bread.



Our passion for sharing healthy & seasonal food takes us to meet exceptional people who care about their produce as we do. Together we share the love of real food and a commitment to making it better for everyone. 

Here’s some of the people we care about.